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Sawmill - Tools Of the Trade
Hoffman Brothers Lumber maintains a state-of-the-art sawmill complex in Richfield, Pennsylvania, where more than eight million feet of lumber is processed annually with consistent quality and uniformity. That’s roughly 30-50 loads of lumber each week, or an average of 600-700 logs per day!
Our production output includes both HBL harvested lumber and lumber purchased from third-party loggers. Regardless of the source, our skilled operators analyze and determine the best course of use for the lumber while making every effort to maximize the yield.
Cutting-Edge Equipment
In addition to housing a variety of superior saws, capable of a wide range of cuts and double-edge trims, HBL’s production equipment includes de-barkers, planers, sorters, and treatment machinery. With more than 55 sorts passing through our modern milling operations, HBL has the production capabilities to cut all species at one time! From there, our packs of high-quality raw or treated lumber are delivered to our customers.

Your trees are worth money. We can help determine how much.

Plan. Produce. Protect.

HBL sets industry standards for best practices when it comes to protecting the environment, habitats, and wildlife for years to come.
It may be surprising to some landowners that timbering your property the right way can be very beneficial to the environment long-term. Hardwood trees are a renewable resource when timbering is carried out properly to allow for reforestation. In essence, harvesting older trees promotes natural regeneration when openings are created and allow for increased sunlight. This benefits seed germination and stimulates growth of seedlings. In time, young, healthy trees grow and thrive to eventually complete the reforestation process. To help ensure future sustainability, HBL’s rigorous selective process protects trees with less than a 14-inch diameter.

Valued Relationships.

Above all, we value the relationships we build with our clients—sometimes spanning multiple generations! From our initial assessment to the final cut, we partner with you to timber your land responsibly! Strategic planning is key to ensure your land is timbered, cleared, and restored for future development and growth. Your choice in a forester should be as selective as the trees we mark for timbering! The clear choice is Hoffman Brothers Lumber.