Est. in 1963

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Hoffman Brothers offers 100

percent pure bark, all natural

triple-grounded mulch.


• Pick up at the facility on:

  118 Sand Valley Road, Richfield

• Bulk deliveries are also available.

• Colored black mulch is also

 an option.





Hoffman Brothers provides sawdust

for horse, dairy,  mushroom, chicken farms and sawdust boilers.


• All sawdust is green material

• The product is stored under roof

• Sawdust for burning boilers available



• Product is a green material

• Chips are sold in bulk

• Walkways

• Landscaping

• Playgrounds

Additional information

please contact us toll free at:  1-877-903-0571

Hoffman Brothers Lumber, Inc.  118 Sand Valley Road, Richfield, PA 17086 (717) 694-3340