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Also known as Betula Lenta—Black Birch/Sweet Birch is a tree that stands 50-60 feet in height and typically has brownish-black, cherry like, scaly bark with reddish brown stems. The leaf is triangular, or egg shaped with pointed tips. Common uses for Sweet Birch are plywood, crates, and interior trim.


Also known as Carya—Hickory trees grow 2 feet per year and grow up to 60-80 feet tall, because of their slow growth rates their wood is often hard and dense. There are 5 different species of Hickory that grow in Pennsylvania. These trees are strong and robust shade trees that often grow in moist grounds …

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The Yellow Poplar tree, also known as Tulip Poplar, can grow up to 2 feet per year. The bark of a Red Oak tree has flatter veins, then that of a White Oak tree, that run down the tree. These veins can have a hint of red in them. The leaves are lobed with bristle …

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